[SOLVED] How long does it take for a free account to become an organization account after a paying?

We just opened and paid for an Organisation account.

We have a copy of the paid invoice, My IT department just forwarded all the info to me.
Account is still set as free, we need some of the paid features.

This is how to find the Account:


Can supply other info privately.
Mike K

Upgrades take place immediately.

Your Organization account is this one: https://playcanvas.com/aareas
Your User account is this one: https://playcanvas.com/aareasit

You need to transfer your project from the user account into the Organization. In your list of projects use the drop down to select “Transfer Project” and type in the name of your organization “aareas”. Click Find. Then transfer the project. Go to your Organization page and accept the transfer. Finally add yourself as an admin to the project.

Awesome, will do that now.

Thanks, took a bit of doing to get the proper logins seen in Chrome but we are all good!