[SOLVED] How do I add real time multiplayer on a car game

heres my project
press : test place Scene
and im trying to make a car game on real time multiplayer but i keep on getting an error

Hi @Kevin_Basulto_4699! The error is because there is no entity with the name ‘Other’ in your scene. Probably you have to change the script and use ‘Car’ in your case.

Okay lets try to see if it works

Now it says memeory acess out of bounds

what do i do it doesnt work and when i use the other one it works some how

It doesn’t work because I guess your current ‘other’ entity is not the right ‘other’ entity for a multiplayer game. Please check the original project to find out which entities are part of the car. All these entities are part of your current ‘player’ entity.

it still not working whats going on???



that network may u go to carsnetwork

I don’t know your setup and logic, so I can’t help you with making it work.

i just want see the other players car, i dont really care if there physics on the car or i just want to see the player move and where they are

Right now your Other2 enity has no visible car components, so you can’t see it anyway.

do i add an invisble box then?

How can an invisible box make it visible? :thinking:

no clue, my mistakes with my grammar

how about this, I disabled Player2 and now you could see a box

thank you so much

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