[SOLVED] How can I set the initial scene to load?

I would expect that there would be something in the scene manager or project settings but nothing. How do I set the initial scene to load?


Hi @Grimmy,

When you go to publish your project you will be presented with a list of scenes to include in the published project. On the left side of those scenes is a ‘bookmark’ icon. Click the icon on the desired scene to set it to the initial scene on the published build:


Hi Grimmy,

When you go to publish, you will see all of the scenes in your project ( and the currently open one ).
Tick the icon before the scene name to make it the first scene to load.

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Okay. Thanks all!

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Hi, @Mal_Duffin

Maybe there is possibility to save this default scene settings?
Because every time I press publish my choice is reset and again and again I should choose mainMenu as default. Thanks!

We have a ticket/feature request for this: Publish new build settings should be saved to the branch between sessions · Issue #376 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

Please comment and add your vote for this to be implemented in the GitHub issue

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