[SOLVED] How can i make a fade in animation?

Hi guys, I need to make a fade in animation witch starts with a black screen and then shows the game with a circle that starts from the center of the screen.
How can I achieve this result? I need a way to mask off the black screen.

I need to achieve somethin like this:

Hi @SaccoVinc,

You could always translate that shader shown in the Unity video to PlayCanvas. You could use a regular UI element and add your custom material to it and the shader will render in front of your camera (shaders can be advanced if you lack GLSL knowledge).

You could try and replicate this using a regular material with an opacity map (the opacity map cuts out the circle) on PlayCanvas and add it to a UI element. Then scale up that entity so the circle is enlarged until it covers most or all of the viewport.

Hi @Leonidas, thanks, may you explain me how to apply the opacity map from a material to a ui element?

So if you add an Image element component you will a number of properties that expose a field for texture, sprite and material.

Drag and drop your material that includes your opacity map on that slot and it will be applied to the UI element.

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Hi, I used opacity maps and it worked! Thanks a lot!

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