[SOLVED] Hiding age restricted Sketchfab content in PlayCanvas

Is there a way to censor the sketchfab assets? I just looked on the sketchfab tab in the asset store, and the first thing that pops up isn’t for children. See for yourself. I get that there are some parents of children who would not want their child to see this. Thanks for any help you can give.

Hi @Codeknight999,

That’s quite interesting, pinging the PC team @will.

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I found this:

Is the item you’re concerned about marked on Sketchfab as Age Restricted? If so, the Sketchfab API we use might allow us to filter out Age Restricted content. @yak32, is that the case?

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Yeah that is it, thanks a lot Will. :smile:

It looks like the search api has an undocumented ‘restricted’ parameter Filtering adult content & Sketchfab minimum age 18 - #2 by bartv - Development and API - Sketchfab Forum


we merged an update, it should help with this (after deployment).

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Thanks a lot @yak32