[SOLVED] Help with error 'script object is not defined in any of preloaded assets'

I’m trying to make space flight mechanics but i can’t get any of it to work. Can anyone help? Here is my project for the star wars tiefighter, my scripts for dynamic controller and input both say script object is not defined in any of preloaded assets.


Exactly i cant find anything i have no idea what is wrong unless its my character controller but i doubt it i just have no idea.Its actually kinda making me Frustrated lol

actually i think it might be my dynamic character controller because it wont let me set speed and jump impulse and also it is my input because when i click to refresh there is an Exclamation marker on both scripts

i know but i haven’t found any problems

nothing happens
i turned off the static property but still nothing

You have two major problems from a quick look.

  1. You are mixing Scripts 1.0 and Scripts 2.0. ie. Your Input.js files and some of the DynamicCharactercontroller files are using Scripts 1.0 architecture but the project is configured for Scripts 2.0.

  2. You have multiple scripts for DynamicCharactercontroller. Choose one, delete the rest.