[SOLVED] Having trouble with compressed gaussian splatting file

I got some issue with compressed gaussian splatting file since yesterday.

It used to be worked very well but now I got error message like below.

Failed to compile fragment shader:

ERROR: 0:207: ‘assign’ : l-value required (can’t modify an input “color”)

202: if (A < -4.0) discard;
203: float B = exp(A) * color.a;
207: color.rgb = gammaCorrectOutput(toneMap(decodeGamma(color.rgb)));
209: return vec4(color.rgb, B);
210: }
212: void main(void)
while rendering Pass:RenderPassForward | Camera: Camera, Layer: World(TRANSP) | Node: Dragon Ball Super ZSL.cleaned.compressed, Material: compressedSplatMaterial

[object Object]

Is it because of update yesterday?

Please help!

@slimbuck is on it.

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@jay4 The fix is now deployed. Please try again.