[SOLVED] Has ChatGPT access to some awsome Playcanvas beta features?

Ok, not a 100% serious question, but take a look at my conversation with the dude. In German he actually promoted this mysterios “animation editor” as the solution for an animation related question, in English he (correctly) advised to use the tween library.

Weird that the link he added even works, although running into an endless loop …

Are you guys working on some new killer featuer?

That’s just a quirk of the PlayCanvas user manual. Any invalid path will go into an endless loop. For example: https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/user-manual/rechi-is-cool

Just keep in mind that ChatGPT is currently only a really good version of auto complete. I love the tool, but unfortunately this seems like a case where it’s providing low quality misleading information packaged in a very confident answer.


As Devortel mentioned, ChatGPT will do a ‘best’ guess and if PlayCanvas did have a timeline editor, that isn’t a bad best guess.

I’ve seen it get confused on what’s available for Unity. Or perhaps it picked up Leonidas’ Animation Timeline plugin from way back.

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I understand, again not a “real issue” but I’ve just wondered how confident chatgpt “lies” about PC features even if directly asked (and even produces valid looking answeres along the way). And still quite impressive that it provided valid code for solving the issue.

It has no concept of ‘truth’ and is important to fact check responses.

I’ve found it’s been better with GPT 3.5 turbo model and 4. Combined with constructed prompts, it’s been less like to give ‘bad’ answers.