[SOLVED] Gravity for game

Hello, so after figuring out a proper way to jump for my game, I need a way for the character to fall faster to the ground. Here is my game so far. If you could help, please. I prefer only direct ways to fix it. I don’t want links to other pages and documentation unless it is directly answering this question. Thanks.
(Oh, and yes, if you saw my other topic this is for my school project, it’s not urgent I just wanted to have extra stuff done.)

Hi @cheerio_alpa!


I think you need to change the rigidbody setting of your character.


Alternatively, you can try to change the gravity settings of the project.

After changing any of these, you’ll probably also need to change the forces you use in your script.

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WOW! once again. You do an amazing thing, Simple but amazing! now it falls fast!

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