[SOLVED] GraphNode is already parented

I have this error when i try to set parent of the object " GraphNode is already parented"
I gives me this error when i try to set any object as a parent, any idea what is wrong ?

It says this error for a ton of things I’ve run into. Let me know how these things work out for you:

  1. If dynamic objects are involved, make sure they’re either both already added to the scene or neither of them are added to the scene when you’re doing the parenting

  2. Instead of addChild, try it the other way around. this.ball.reparent(this.Holder); and see how that works out for you, since technically that should get rid of all existing parents and make this.Holder the new one.

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Hi @Dava,

As @ChandlerTwins said try checking if the entity/graphNode you are trying to reparent has already a parent.

The addChild() method can be used only for entities that don’t belong to the hierarchy yet.

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You were right , this.ball.reparent works
Thank you