[SOLVED] glTF 2.0 Import doubts

Hi all,

I used the 2.0 glTF import with great results, but I am with some doubts:

  • After the importation beside the separated elements in renders, materials and textures, there are the Template, Container and Model(source), being that, Container and Model(source) have a Re-Import option in the right click menu. How this option work?

  • When I builds the project, I saw that its size is the double of the GLB size, may I delete the Model(source) to reduce it?


Hi @Nelson_Alves,

Re-import is the same as drag and dropping the file anew on the assets panel. It will recreate and overwrite if required, all generated assets. Useful if you’ve removed them or made changes (e.g. to materials).

You can do that, the only thing you will lose is the references between the generated assets and the model source. That means if you plan to update the model and have the assets updated, that will not be possible. Uploading the model afterwards will create duplicate assets.

Hope that helps.

So, if I import a modified version of the GLB file, but with the same name it will change the assets accordingly?

Yes, you can see a list of all related assets that PlayCanvas will attempt to update on re-import when clicking on the Model source:


There is a related setting on how that will work on import Search related assets:

On this do check out the Preserve material mappings setting in case it’s of help in your use case (it’s disabled by default):

Thanks a lot @Leonidas !

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The GLB we create can be compressed via gzip on the server/transport. This means that the download size is much smaller than the size we report in the Editor if the hosting server has gzip support.

Thanks for the additional info @yaustar