[SOLVED] Glossiness not working correctly

We are currently facing a problem with a bunch of our materials. The glossiness in the current engine version gets calculated differently than in previous versions.
I’m unsure if this is the correct behaviour or some kind of faulty calculation.

Here is what it looked like a few releases ago:

And this is how it looks now:

The Lighting setup is the exact same for both as well as the material.

The problem seems to be the combination of skybox and the glossiness value in the material.
I can get the material to work correct either by removing the skybox and using a directional light or by reducing the glossiness value in the material.

Here is a sample project:

calling @Gustav_Sterbrant here

We are investigating this. For the short term, please use the previous version of the engine for the launch tab and publishing:

Hi @LucaHeft,

The issue is a bug in the engine which appears because your cubemap is not RGBM encoded (i.e. not high dynamic range).

I have submitted a fix for this in this PR which should be released in 1.57 (our next engine release).

Sorry for the trouble!