[SOLVED] Give Imported Mesh's a material

In my game trigo run… one of my levels is an imported mesh… but when i placed it down i couldn’t give it a material array… making it impossible to give the mesh a material, is there any way for me to give the mesh a material…

also here’s the project link if you need it

Hi @Kevin_Herod! Which asset and level it is?

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it is Level 9 & 10 and it’s called SpikeTunnel

Do you use Blender or another modeling program? I think you can fix this by adding a default material in the modeling program you use.

i made that model a couple of months ago so i have no idea… i dont remember what i used… it was some random online thing

If you add the template of the SpikeTunnel to the scene, you can change the material on the render component

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Below a video of a quick workaround to be able to apply a material. Basically you need to remove the asset from your current render component and add it again.


thanks :slight_smile: that was a very simple workaround (i still have no idea why that worked lol) but thanks you can put this as solved

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