[SOLVED] Getting error while importing a project

So I am trying to import a project which I have exported from one of my other accounts.
But I am getting the following error in my new imported project which is not present in the original one.
And also all of my scenes are missing in the newly imported project.

Exporting a project only exports the main/master branch

In the project from your old account, do you have this error on your master/main branch and also does it match fhe scenes?

If you are still having trouble, can you email support@playcanvas.com with your project dashboard URL from the old account and give us permission to add ourselves to investigate please?

Yes, I had this issue earlier in the project and I changed the branch to fix it.
anyways, I’ll mail you the project URL.

I have mailed the dashboard URL and add you to the team.

Handling via email. Will post resolution here later

There was no issue with the export/import process as the imported project matched the master/main branch of the original project

If OP needs to export other branches, this is only possible via the REST API at the moment: Projects - Archive project | Learn PlayCanvas

We do have a NPM tool that makes this process a little easier: GitHub - playcanvas/playcanvas-rest-api-tools: A set of tools to use with the PlayCanvas REST API for common jobs such as downloading a build and archiving a project