[SOLVED] Game Publishing Drawback


I’m close to publishing my game. I would like to publish it to a different site, and since I am a free member, I cannot remove playcanvas branding. Is it free to publish, or do I need to pay royalties?
Also, how can I give credit to the sites where I got models from?


You don’t need to pay royalties, no.

As a free user, you are still able to publish your game to another site by way of an iframe. Instructions are here:


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Thanks a lot @will, but how to I acknowledge the sites where I imported models from?

Also, I will not be self hosting but I will be using the link type www.playcanv.as/…

Yes, it’s equivalent to embedding a youtube video on your site. PlayCanvas hosts and serves the content, but it is accessed from a page on a different domain.

If you want to acknowledge where your models (and other content) came from, you can put a message in your app/game somewhere. For example, a credits screen.

Thanks a lot for the help!