[SOLVED] Frame Drops when mouse is moved

I am noticing big fps drop when I continuously move my mouse. I have checked all my mouse onMove events and everything seems fine. I notice this mainly on my mac (both sfari and chrome) ) to which the fps is already quite slow (30fps) but when I move my mouse drops to around 15fps.

Any ideas?

It turns out that is was my usb mouse and/or the usb mouse adaptor

If I use the trackpad to move around I don’t get any lag.

That’s surprising. I’m curious if you have the same result with a different USB mouse.

I haven’t tried a different mouse yet because I don’t have one with a usb C. I can only tell you that the trackpad on the Macbook Air has no such issue with lag.

I presume the trackpad uses mouse events and not touch events?

I think that’s right. (You can temporarily disable touch events for testing).