[SOLVED] Forking Tutorials, getAssetById deprecated?

I’m trying to fork one of your tutorials named entity_creator to use it instead of integrating your code because I had some issues attempting to merge your files. Your entity_creator tutorial seems to use special functions/methods that I can’t get to run when I attempt to run entity_creator from an empty project. The problem is that your tutorials are read-only so I cannot modify the files to do what I want to do with it. The main issue I have is that I keep getting the error that getAssetById is not a function. When I use the function completion, I noticed that getAssetById is indeed not a function of app.assets(). I’m not sure why this function doesn’t work for me because it works for your tutorial even after forking it.

Never mind. I must have clicked the wrong thing or something. I have full access now.

app.assets.getAssetById() is deprecated, you should use app.assets.get(id) instead.

Cool, thanks. I noticed there was an app.assets.get() but I wasn’t so sure how to use it. I liked the first name of the function though. It was so much easier to understand.

But once you understand it (same concept used all around the engine), it is easier to type get than getSomethingById.