[SOLVED] Forked project not exporting identically to original

We’ve discovered a bug whereby if we fork (or export, then re-import) one of our (fairly large, fairly complex) projects, the web export of the new copy seems significantly different from the original.

We’d been hoping to use the fork mechanism so that we could leave a ‘banked’ version of our project in a working state, then move forward with some potentially destructive changes, with the old version ‘safe’ to return to if there were issues we couldn’t resolve.

Unfortunately, immediately after forking, a web export has different behaviour to the original.

Is it possible that there is some metadata / something that is not cloned 100% identically, which I could look for / make identical? Am I right to expect that a fork’s output (exported web project) should behave identically to its predecessor?

I understand that the hashed assets will not appear identical in the filesystem, but didn’t expect the cloned project to be materially different.

Any insights would be hugely appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!

You definitely need to investigate yourself what is it in your loading/execution logic you do that affects it so much.

Cloned projects do clone all related assets and scenes, and their ID’s will change accordingly. If you anywhere reference those resources by ID’s, then in forked projects those ID’s will not be pointing to right assets anymore.

Fork - is more like a “clone”, which should make identical duplicate with exception to unique ID’s of assets and scenes.

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Hey, Max. Thanks, that confirms what we had guessed to be the case. From what I can tell, the issue that’s triggering doesn’t attempt to locate resources by GUID, but I will investigate more along those lines in case I’m missing something.

Appreciate your reply, cheers.