[SOLVED] Font upload problems

When uploading a .ttf file, it looks like the font is uploading properly but it is not being converted in whatever file format PC uses. The orange progress bar at the bottom right of the editor stays full. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Can anyone help?

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Right click on the file uploaded and Re-import it. It works for me.

Tried it, still doesn’t work.

Hi opened the console in the editor and here is the error that I get when I try to upload the file:

load (event error)
events.js:51 TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined
    at AjaxRequest.<anonymous> (editor.js:35116)
    at AjaxRequest.Events.emit (events.js:48)
    at AjaxRequest._onLoad (editor.js:369)
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This should be working now.


It works now. Thank you. Out of curiosity, what was causing this problem?

This was a bug released in the Editor on Friday. It’s now been fixed.


I have the same problem.


Hi - this should all be working now.

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