[SOLVED] Firefox 62 broke old playcanvas projects?

This just started showing up with the latest firefox update (version 62). Versions 60 of firefox was fine.

Firefox 60: scene

Firefox 62: scene

This sort of thing is happening with 3 of our projects. These projects haven’t changed in a few years (from 2015 or before). This was using PlayCanvas 0.188.0 95ae772

Is this a known issue? Are there some new webgl options we can try?


Well, engine 0.188.0 is pretty old now: July 5th 2016. It’s not a known issue, no. Can you run the original scene in the launcher from the Editor and see if Firefox exhibits the same problem with the latest engine?

Do you have a link to that app for me to try on my machine?

Fixed in Firefox 16.0.2:

I can confirm it got fixed by Firefox 62.0.2


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