[SOLVED] FBX, issues with rigged character import

Hi Playcanvas-Team,

I’m having issues with importing a rigged character from c4d to playcanvas. This is a new issue, the same FBX file worked well when importing it to playcanvas in December 2021.

Import December 2021:


I’m not allowed to share the 3d model publicly, but I’m happy to share it privately.

Export from C4D R25.015 with FBX 7.7 (2019).


The root bone on the render component is probably been preset incorrectly

In the template, there is a render component or several render components. On the component, there is a root bone property. Try setting it to the Root (usually the entity under the topmost of the template)

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Yes, this solved it!

Thanks as always :slight_smile: