[SOLVED] FBX import problems

I’m having problems when importing an FBX (PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine) the eyes are being rendered as solid black, even though the diffuse texture appears to be imported correctly (the eyelashes are right either).

Any thoughts? TIA

Looks like transparency/alpha texture wasn’t enabled/set correctly on the material for the eyes/eye lashes.

The model is a straight download from Mixamo -> import to PlayCanvas. The eyes should be present but clearly the eyelashes are SNAFU’ed in Mixamo, too (see image below).

Can I set transparency/alpha in PlayCanvas?


Change Blend Type to Alpha and change the channel to A (for the alpha channel on the texture).

That sort of helped, but not initially.

but prompted by your advice I continued to play with the material properties.
Setting Specular tint colour to black renders the eyes correctly, while setting Opacity Blend Type to Alpha BUT leaving the channel as R renders the eyelashes.

Is there something more fundamental I’m missing/mis-interpreting?

Thanks for your help, it’s very much appreciated.

Given the texture size (1024 x 1024), that’s pretty much how I would expect it to look.

(This is the actual size of the alpha layer texture for the eyelashes. You can see how pixelated and small it is)

The eyelashes seem to only have polys on one side hence you can see through them on the angle you have shown above.

How do you expect them to look? Do you have a preview render?

Sorry, if I wasn’t clear. I was saying that “Blend Type: Alpha” and “Channel: A” were unsuccessful and that I had to further tweak settings to get an acceptable result, and I was wondering whether I’d missed something in your instructions.

The eyelashes are wonky on the Mixamo site. The slight apparent offset is acceptable, however they did act as a window through the model if viewed from below. This was corrected by applying “Alpha to coverage” in Opacity.

Also, why dies a white Specular tint make the eyes black?

This model seems to be OK now, but I’m worried that other models may have similar problems but with entirely different solutions.

Again many thanks for pointing me in the right direction (I’d pretty much given up). Any other info you can give would also be appreciated.

I’ve forked the project and made a few minor changes and this is what I get and what I expect given the textures and model available: https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/532400

I’m not sure if you are expecting or wanting something different?

No, that’s what I have and it looks good to me. (What changes did you make?)

I was just wondering why a white Specular tint made the eyes black.

Many thanks.

Created a duplicate of the body material to use for the eye mesh instance as I had rendering order problems with the transparency.