[SOLVED] FBX Animations Import always have the same duration

I m importing different animations of one character, combining them in the stategraph…but…although the animations have different length I always end up with a duration of 6.666 seconds. e.g. the animation ends in 3DS Max after 135 Frames… after importing the animation via fbx it has a duration of 6.666 seconds …with 1.2 Seconds of a non animated characterat the end.
So…what did I do wrong?

Thanks for any help!

Any chance you can share two such assets so we can repro?

This is one FBX (animation only) that has a scene length of 80 Frames in 3DS-MAX and ends right with the last movement of the character. Importing it I get a duration of 6.6 Seconds with the character sitting still half of the time.
Link to FBX:



Found the mistake…looks like there is a keyframe “outside” the visible timeline…although the scene is only 80 frames long, all keyframes are exported …stretching the scene on import.