[SOLVED] Failure to load a shader file within the Editor (Status: 403 error)

I get the following message when trying to edit one of my shader files in the Editor. When I run the application it correctly is using that shader, so I know it still exists:

Realtime error for document “basic2.vs”: Error: could not get asset file. Status 403. Please reload this document.

I tried shutting down all my Chrome browsers but still a problem. The other files are OK, but having the same problem with basic2.fs as well. These are vertex and fragment shader files respspectively. My other two files, basic.vs and basic.fs are readable and OK.

My project is called Earth Shader and is a private project under my account. Time is 6:17 pm MST 7-23-18.

The problem has gone away. I can now access those 2 files from the text editor again. Problem solved.

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