[SOLVED] "Failed creating WebGL context"

i am getting this error popup , when i open my projects. i have attached screenshots of both projects. you can see the project title on the browser tab.

i am also posting the link to my projects
please check the issue, i don’t know what’s wrong.

Project link
Elf Lord : Overview | Dashboard | Elf Lord Temple | PlayCanvas | 3D HTML5 & WebGL Game Engine

Dat cube : Overview | Dashboard | Dat Cube | PlayCanvas | 3D HTML5 & WebGL Game Engine

Thank you!

This issue i am facing only in my Microsoft Edge browser , not in Chrome.
in Chrome it is loading and working fine. maybe the new playcanvas engine version is not supporting edge browser or anything like that…

it was working fine before the update.

Guys! actually today early morning my Edge browser got updated. but due to some reasons.
WebGL was disabled in my newer version of Edge.

so i just enabled it again by going to Edge://flags
and its done. now it is working.

Sorry for posting this so quickly without even trying to check the issues :sweat_smile:


Looks like it could be related to


@yaustar maybe, my hardware acceleration was enabled when i checked.but the problem was that in the Flags Webgl was disabled , so i had to enable it. this happent after the new Edge browser update.

Same thing with Chrome after updating i dont know due to some reason Webgl automatically disabled.

i am currently using Edge browser because it is better than chrome is loading the graphics content on web and it is lightweight.

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