[SOLVED] Error on firefox running project

Hello, running my project on edge it works, if i run it on firefox under linux it give an error in this line
var _x = event.x ;
i remember that i have read that IE use ‘event’ and firefox use ‘e’ is it that why?

It would help to know if that line of code is in the PlayCanvas Engine, the Editor codebase, or your game code. More specifically, what is the file and line number where the exception is thrown? Presumably ‘event’ is null or undefined?

sorry it’s in my js code in the player.js

[player.js:158]: ReferenceError: event is not definedPlayer.prototype.onMouseDown@http://playcanvas.com/api/files/code/352037/directory/player.js:158:21

this is the project


Callback onMouseDown does not have event argument, but has e. Renaming it to event might be the solution here.