[SOLVED] Error on code that isn't there

Hi guys,

I came back to my project and some errors appeared. I can’t remember these from last time.

I didn’t understand the error, so I completely cleared the cameraMovement script. But I still get this error.
My cameraMovement looks now like this:

var CameraMovement = pc.createScript('cameraMovement');

CameraMovement.prototype.initialize = function() { 

I have no idea what to do now. Can anybody help me? Or point me to the good direction?


ps. Error of analystics is normal. My router blocks it

Can you share a link to the project please?

I am really sorry but it is working now.

Mabye this was a catche problem. Not sure what happend.
Next time I will reboot my system before posting here.

Thanks anyway for the reply!