[SOLVED] Error exiting XR

When exiting XR I get the following error. I tried running the tutorial examples, but they give a similar error. Is there anyway to work around these?

I tested running https://playcanvas.com/project/460449/overview/webvr-ray-input with the WebXR device emulator browser extension (with emulated devices that have a least 1 controller) and running the code on the Oculus Quest. Both give the same result.

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘parent’ of null
at XrInputSource._updateTransforms (playcanvas-stable.dbg.js:23840)
at XrInputSource.getPosition (playcanvas-stable.dbg.js:23876)
at script.Controller.update (controller.js?id=30505832&branchId=87c5dc0c-00a1-4cec-9211-6c6a8b44b83c:39)
at ScriptComponent._scriptMethod (playcanvas-stable.dbg.js:29892)
at ScriptComponent._onUpdate (playcanvas-stable.dbg.js:29928)
at ScriptComponentSystem._callComponentMethod (playcanvas-stable.dbg.js:30343)
at ScriptComponentSystem._onUpdate (playcanvas-stable.dbg.js:30352)
at Function._helper (playcanvas-stable.dbg.js:26801)
at Function.update (playcanvas-stable.dbg.js:26809)
at Application.update (playcanvas-stable.dbg.js:26224)

And this one in the minified version:

playcanvas-stable.min.js:1004 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘parent’ of null
at a._updateRayTransforms (playcanvas-stable.min.js:1004)
at a.getOrigin (playcanvas-stable.min.js:1006)
at c.Controller.update (__game-scripts.js:1)
at e._scriptMethod (playcanvas-stable.min.js:1225)
at e._onUpdate (playcanvas-stable.min.js:1226)
at b._callComponentMethod (playcanvas-stable.min.js:1240)
at b._onUpdate (playcanvas-stable.min.js:1241)
at Function._helper (playcanvas-stable.min.js:1110)
at Function.update (playcanvas-stable.min.js:1111)
at e.update (playcanvas-stable.min.js:1086)

@max Can you help with this please? :slight_smile:

Actually, I can too! This was fixed here:

This fix went out with Engine 1.27.1 yesterday.

But the examples on https://playcanvas.github.io are still based on 1.27.0.

Great! N00b question: Do I need to do anything to get this version in my project?

Well, I just ran your project in Chrome using the WebXR Emulator extension and it enters and exits VR just fine. Can you try again please?

Unfortunately, I still experience the error. With the emulator and on the Quest. I checked and it’s using version 1.27.1 Revision. So it might be my code in this case.

But I don’t see how I can exit VR fine in my version of Chrome though. What version of Chrome are you using?

I actually tried a few.

Chrome: 81.0.4044.138
Edge: 81.0.416.68
Oculus Browser uses Chromium version: 81.0.4044.117

All having the same issue.

@Sorskoot can you post your project for one of us to try?


Debug: https://launch.playcanvas.com/912200?debug=true
Release: https://playcanv.as/p/liJPmJE0/

Or do you want just the project link? https://playcanvas.com/project/681835/overview/ravr

Hi @Sorskoot. So it’s a bit hard to debug the published app. When I look at your project, I notice that it’s based on the now deprecated WebVR API. The crash in your published app seemed to be in code managing WebXR input sources. So maybe there’s a clash there between the WebVR and WebXR code inside the engine.

I went to debug your game by launching from the Editor. I see it’s changed a bit from the published build. The script ‘controller’ no longer exists. And when I launch the scene, there’s immediately an error:

[web-vr-ui.js?id=30344978&branchId=97f609e8-c89e-45b7-8df8-261db7c3acd4:76]: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'isSupported' of null

TypeError: Cannot read property 'isSupported' of null
    at HTMLDivElement.onEnterVrPressedEvent (https://launch.playcanvas.com/api/assets/files/scripts/web-vr-ui.js?id=30344978&branchId=97f609e8-c89e-45b7-8df8-261db7c3acd4:76:33)

If you can get the main scene in a state where it’s debuggable, let me know. :smile:

Hi @will, I’m not sure what happened, but I’m not using web-vr-ui.js anymore. I removed the file my project earlier this week. But you gave me some ideas to try. This is the project. There are a few branches in there as well.

Ah, as read only users, we can only see the master branch :sweat_smile:

I don’t want to mess with the branches a few hours before the deadline of the game jam the game is for.

But, I’ve been testing with this project as well and it has the same exact issue: https://playcanvas.com/project/683093/overview/webxr-lab-temp

That was mine that I quickly hacked together to get you going :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this happen with Max’s projects? https://playcanvas.com/project/457917/overview/webvr-tracked-controllers

Yes. Even worse actually. With this one the error comes up every tick.

What I did:

  • Click the VR Button.
  • Click Exit Immersive (or hit Escape on the keyboard)



With the latest version of the engine and some of Max’s changes in the controller.js controller, you should be able to exit cleanly in that temp project: https://playcanvas.com/project/683093/overview/webxr-lab-temp

(Note: It’s a private project that I very quickly hacked together to get working. There’s lots of new features from the XR integration from Max that isn’t used and should be used in there :slight_smile: )

Yes!! No error. :+1:

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