[SOLVED] Error 503 on launch.playcanvas

I’m getting error 503 on all loaded assets very frequently when using launch.playcanvas to test my project.
This happens randomly around one every 5 times I launch it.
This seems to be unrelated to my project as it behaves the same even on blank projects.
Any ideas what might be causing it?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Issaya_Madbox!

This is known problem and the team is investigating with the highest priority.

Thanks for reporting!

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Alright thanks a lot for the fast answer Albertos!

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Yes, we’re aware and the fix should be deployed soon by @yak32

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the fix is deployed to production and the issue should be eliminated.
please report if you still experiencing it.


Everything sems to be working flawlessly thank you all for the quick fix!

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