[SOLVED] Equivalent of Unity's Alpha Cutoff in PlayCanvas

Hello Playcanvas Community!

I am working on transferring a unity’s environment to playcanvas and I got stuck at trees in the game. I have imported tree’s FBX model into playcanvas, however, when setting the material on the tree, my tree’s branches/leaves look boxed. The reason for that is in unity, a value is set for Alpha cutoff, that controls the coverage of branches.

I have set the same textures that the material in unity is using.
Albedo Map → Diffuse Map
Normal Map → Normal Map
Occlusion Map → Ambient Occlusion

My tree looks like below in playcanvas.

I do realise that I have to play with “opacity” section of the material, however, I am unable to figure the right properties to set in order to achieve my desired result.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @KbL_97 and welcome,

You are right that it’s the opacity channel you should be looking at. Set Blend Type to None, reference your Opacity map and set the right UV channel. And slightly increase the Alpha Test value (that’s the alpha cutoff value you are looking for). Example vegetation material of mine:


Hi @Leonidas!

Thank you for the pointing me in the right direction. I bought this package from unity asset store and this model did not include an opacity mask.

I used the same map that I used for diffuse map and changed the color channel to “A”. Adjusting the “Alpha Test” gave me the desired outcome.

Thank you!

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