[SOLVED] Entity.teleport() alternative

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day! I just wanted to stop by and ask a question, about the function entity.teleport(). I have used this in a 2d environment, where it works fine for movement, but in a recent skateboard game I’m making, called Crayfish Skateboarding this does not work because this teleports a 3d model, instead of having some kind of force applied to it. This is just a simple movement script I’m making. This does move the skateboard, but it ignores rigidbodies and collision. This happens because the function teleports the entity inside of a wall, where it should stop. I have seen another script that I cannot find, which uses something like entity.translate(y,x, or z) but I am not sure how to use this function. If anyone knows any way to have a movement script that does not “ignore” rigidbodies and has “working” collision, please let me know! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this! :grin:


Check this movement example, it uses a force to move the character in the direction of movement so it respects collision events:


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Ok! I’ll take a look!

Oh! I had no idea about applyForce! Thank you so much! You saved my day!

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