[SOLVED] Engraving Shader for professional project

Hi All, we are looking for a programmer who can help us fixing a custom shader for a project we are currently working on.

At the moment, our engraving shader is displayng aliased borders on the engraved letters

We would like to fix this, improving letter sharpness and possibly improve the “engraving depth”

Yopu can find the sample project here:


The text comes from a normal DIV, which is then transormed to an image using htmltocanvas, we then transform the image to a normal map and load it over a decicated plane on the 3d model.

Compensation: 150/200e

If interested please mail us at lucaneri@change2.it


Does this project help?



Hi Will,
That was simply perfect!!!
We couldn’t ask for more :exploding_head:

Sorry we took a bit for the feedback, but it wasn’t working at first, and we couldn’t figure out why.

Our models have a dedicated embossing plane, which has a transparent material,
so we needed to add an additional shader to dinamically create an OpacityMap.

(We’ll leave the project open, in case some one else needs this)