[SOLVED] Engine changes?

Within the last 6-9 hours I have experienced the following:

  1. I had to move my assets from one project to another, as the project suddenly seemed corrupt/bugged.
  2. Thereafter the server seemed down and I had to write this: [SOLVED] AWS down time? - present 03.16.2021 at 10.00-10.20 AM
  3. Now another project is down/corrupt (a camera is suddenly not working out of no where)
  • with the premise of 1) and 3), I am suspicious towards engine changes … was the down time [cf 2) ] related to an update, and is this update then ‘bulletproof’?

If so, I hope you can help me with a double check of the engine-update :slight_smile:

There wasn’t any engine nor Editor/backend release today. Point 2 is just some issue on the backend we had, but I’m not sure about 1 and 2. Definitely not release related though.

Thanks - it means a lot to me, that this structure/organization is a listening one.
On the other hand, the corruption I am experiencing relates very much to cameras+layers [dis+enabling] and special shaders [of which are depending on first app load (loading script orders), and or post-initialize code etc].
As all the mentioned above, seem to have the potential of making a project fragile, I hope that the engine+editor combination will be more stable in the future.

At the moment I am currently moving assets into a third new project within two days :-/

There was a change to fix the behaviour of cameras and layers in 1.38.0 which unfortunately affected a small number of projects: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/releases/tag/v1.38.0

This could have affected shaders and layer setup that moving to a new project would not fix.

Documentation has been updated to match the behaviour: https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/user-manual/graphics/layers/

@mvaligursky Should be able to help more if you can share a project with the current setup

With 1. That shouldn’t have happened and if you can describe more of the issue with corrupted assets, it would be something we would like a look at. This is the first report I’ve heard with assets being corrupted.

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Yes, please let us know the details / screenshots of the problems if possible.

ok, sounds really proactive :slight_smile: … also nice with in depth info relating to 1.38.0

At this specific moment, I am balancing things in my hand … adjusting the two corrupt projects, versus pursuing a new - and quite more-optimal - solution in the third (?)

I am making a compromise, and will share one: The problem started with this first corrupted project, seen here https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1112844

  • where the sea should keep on being reflective as in the After the flood demo.

Don’t have time to share 2nd corrupt project, but in essence it seemed very Editor related/oriented, as a camera suddenly didn’t work (black screen) after being disabled, for then to be put back on (went through every little detail, so it seems like a ‘more tough’ bug … apropos 1.38.0).

As in the camera preview? Could be related to layers and would perhaps expect some errors in the dev console

ok, will try it out - thx