[SOLVED]Ended the eternal war against pop-ups

Often, especially when working with particle systems we find this situation. In which it is impossible to move the mouse without activating any pop-up window that prevents visualization or a clean view of the workspace, and it is very annoying. Is there any way to disable the appearance of these pop-ups to activate them only in case of needing them?

I used an Adblocker to block that search tooltip element: Search tooltip can block the search edit box

(not sure how you got both to show up at the same time though O.o)

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Yeeahh! it works!

Many thanks for the tip!

I’ve disabled the asset search panel tooltip which is the worst offender here. We need to find a better way to surface this information.

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Thank you thank you thank you…I drag and drop all day in Play Canvas :slight_smile:
maybe a little help Icon on the side of the search pane, without a pop up unless you click…no hover :slight_smile: