[SOLVED] Enable/disable entity vs changing material

I have a player entity. In some cases i need to draw a simple circle around it. In other cases i need to draw a dashed circle around the player.

I see 2 ways (perhaps there’re more and better):

  1. I can create 2 cylinders and circle material to one of them and dashed circle material to another one. And just enable/disable the entity i need atm.
  2. I can create only 1 cylinder and set a necessary material to it depending on situation.

Which way is better? I think the second one is better for performance.

Actually, I would use the same cylinder and the same material on the cylinder. I would just apply a different diffuse and/or opacity map to the cylinder’s material (depending on how the circle/dotted effect is achieved).

Hmm, i see. Thanks, it seems it’s a better solution.