[SOLVED] Editor's translate component doesn't change its direction upon r


I am facing a issue the follow issue:

When I rotate a empty object its transformation doesn’t change direction in the editor’s view, even though it changes in the backend.

Without rotations:

With some rotations, the arrows SHOULD change, but they dont and I have to guess where the new object is Looking at…:

whereas I also use unity engine and the directions of the x,y,z also change as I rotate.
Example in unity, when I apply rotations the editor show the direction in which the object is facing:

Hi @Mustafa_Ali,

Indeed the translation gizmos aren’t updated to the local forward direction of the selected entity.

This may be a good feature request for the Playcanvas editor, if would like you can submit it here (editor repo):

Yes I always have to guess the direction in which the object is facing by looking at its rotations, sure I will post there.

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There’s a button in the editor to show the arrows in local space.

On mobile at the moment so can’t screens shot but it’s on the left hand side and looks like a planet globe.


Indeed @yaustar is right World/Local, I’ve missed that it translates the gizmo:

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