[SOLVED] Editor Updates Broke Editor of my Game

Hey, After the new update for the editor, different components attached to the entities don’t show up on the editor.
Here is a link for the video that shows the script reference missing: CPT2108111228-1875x895.gif - Google Drive

And on clicking to the entities in the hierarchy, I get the following logs on the console.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @saif ,

I can’t reproduce, calling @yaustar @vaios

Yeah, it’s just on the one project. I can add you to the project if you want.

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I think it’s related as you said to the new model preview feature. Better wait to add someone from the PlayCanvas team with access to the editor codebase.

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@saif Can you add yaustar and vaios to the project or a fork of the project please?

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I can see it on our end, forking and will be looking with the team.

Edit: Ok, a fork works fine :thinking:

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We found the issue and reproduced in a new project.

It’s because the materials for a model no longer exist (ie, they’ve been deleted)

We are rolling out a fix ASAP

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@saif, I have removed the broken references in branch playcanvas-fix so you can continue working :slight_smile:

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I have checked the project and the issue persists.
Edit: I just saw the playcanvas fix branch now. @yaustar Can you make a branch from “New Desktop Version” as my latest changes are in that branch?


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Thanks Yaustar for the quick help. Do you need access to the project anymore now?

No, you can remove both of us. I’ve got a brand new project that I can reproduce the issue with

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For anyone else that has this issue, chances are that a model is referencing a material asset that has been deleted.

If you go through your model folders in the asset panel, a red error in the bottom left will appear when a model in that folder has deleted material references.

It should also be clear which models have this issue as there won’t be a thumbnail.

Delete the bad references in the model asset.

We are looking to deploy a fix for this tomorrow UK time


Fix has been deployed :slight_smile: