[SOLVED] Editor pauses for a few seconds every time I select something

This has been bugging me for a few mnonths now, but it’s gotten worse to the point of the editor being unusable.

Whenever I select something / click on anything in the editor, after about a second, the entire UI freezes for a few seconds, then resumes normal operation. If I click again, sae story. EVERY time I click/select something. It’s driving me absolutely nuts!

Tried creating a new project, and that runs fine.

My bugged project is faily large, which I assume is a factor. My main scene is not that heavy, but I have several scenes with quite a few heavy models.

If anyone can help me track down the issue, I’d be a very happy camper…

Screenshot of Chrome profiler

Edit: Zooming in on the profiler shows a long series of queryselectors. Dunno if that helps:

Also getting these in the console. Again, dunno if it helps, but any weird thing I see is getting posted :slight_smile:

Oh my god, please disregard. After some further digging I found outthat me Keeper Manager Chrome extension was causing the weird pausing/freezing :frowning:

Months of frustration, and only now I think to disable extensions…