[SOLVED] editor or bug in game

HI i have little issue because when I run game from editor I must toggle the camera and then it sees correctly the city, but at first I see just skybox helipad
so what is the solution?

at first I see just skybox helipad:

then I go to editor and uncheck enabled from camera and check it again and then back to game view:

during of course running game I’m switching from launch to editor and then to launch

Hi @grzesiekmq

From what I understand is when you launch the game, the models don’t appear while the skybox is only visible and you have to check/uncheck the camera to make everything visible. Are you disabling the camera from any of the scripts? If possible, can you make a repro of this in a test project so I can look at it?

No I’m not disabling the camera
but now yes because I changed the 2 lines related to camera
Is this a fix or temp solution?

class PlayerCtrl extends pc.ScriptType {
  initialize() {
    this.speed = 20;

    this.score = 0;

    this.entity.enabled = false;
    this.entity.enabled = true;


this.entity.enabled = false;
this.entity.enabled = true;

Looks like a temporary solution to make it work, but without looking at your project I cannot suggest a fix to this issue.

https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1321052 here is the scene of city

I see this extra camera in the hierarchy which is causing the issue, you can remove it and comment out the solution you made, it will work
Screenshot 2022-01-28 182755


ok I now see thanks for help

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