[SOLVED] Editor not opening at all in Chromium browser


Since a few hours ago, I cannot access the editor in my browser (SRWare Iron 83.0.4250), all I get is a blank screen with the editor’s background color. It occurs regardless of which project I am trying to access.

The attached image shows you the error in the Console.

Thanks in advance for the help! :slight_smile:


Hi @maldivir.dragonwitch and welcome,

It’s working without any issue on Chrome for me. I don’t have that browser installed to check right now, thinking if you have enabled a browser extension that may have introduced an issue.

Are you able to check on a different browser?

Calling @vaios @yaustar .

Thank you for the quick response and the welcome!

I literally had no changes made to the browser or my system in between a working session (this afternoon) and when the problem started occuring (a few hours later).

I tested two more browsers in the meantime, the newest versions of Pale Moon (which has the exact same problem) and Firefox (which runs just fine!).

This is because of this newly introduced line in editor.js:

    selectedAlpha ||= asset.get('meta.compress.alpha');

It turns out that the ||= operator is only supported by very recent browsers:


I suggest we revise that line of code ASAP. Ideally, we’d run editor.js through Babel at some point to maximize cross-browser compatibility.

cc @slimbuck


Thanks for the clarification, Will!
In that case, I’ll just use a newer browser for the time being and retry using the Iron browser from time to time.

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Hi @maldivir.dragonwitch,

Thanks for reporting this issue. A fix has been deployed :+1: