[SOLVED] Editor lightmapping different than lightmapper.bake

If you look at this project, the two scenes get lit differently after they get reloaded ( look at the box for a few seconds to load each room ).

The editor lightmapping is giving different results than the editor lightmapping.


Room 1 Editor Lighting…

Room 1 lightmapper.bake()

Room 2 Editor Lighting

Room 2 lightmapper.bake()

bake() function has arguments: https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/api/pc.Lightmapper.html

When calling it without any arguments, it bakes in “color + direction” mode, while your project settings are set to color only.

app.lightmapper.bake(null, pc.BAKE_COLOR)

Cheers for the solution Mr F, that works great!