[SOLVED] Editor Branch Merge Never Merges (Errorless)


I tried the branch/merge features for the first time with a feature I’m working on, but the merge doesn’t seem to actually happen.

I’m merging my feature branch into master, it seems to go through without issue, but then I don’t see any changes on master. The only strange thing I noticed, was that the first time I merged, after it said the merge worked or whatever, the modal briefly showed “[Object object]” with an X icon before the modal went away. I tried the merge multiple times, it seems to be “successful” every time, but master looks the same.

I looked at the console logs and the network logs, both look nominal.

Any suggestions?

@zpaul for visibility.

Can you add yaustar and zpaul to the project please and we will look into by branch off the feature branch and master branch to merge.

Also, can you DM us the branch names that you are merging from/to please.

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Thanks @yaustar I can DM you that information. Is adding you as admin alright? It’s an organization, so I don’t want to incur additional seat charges.

Adding me as admin should be fine as I’m a super user. Probably not zpaul though :thinking:.

You shouldn’t get an extra seat. If you do get extra charges, email support@playcanvas.com and we will refund you.

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As with git, you can’t repeat a merge of the same checkpoints multiple times, it will just do nothing, once a common ancestor checkpoint was created by the first merge.

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Ah, okay. Makes sense. So, I could revert to a checkpoint before the first merge and retry it?

If you by mistake eg selected the versions from your master branch resolving conflicts during the first merge, you need to create 2 new branches from checkpoints before the bad merge, merge them and merge the result into master. Simply reverting won’t help in this case

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During the first merge it only showed a change of the scripts order, which seemed to be fine, so I hit merge.

Should I give that a try? I can jump back to those checkpoints, creates branches, merge, then merge into master to see if that works.

I’ve got a diagram if you would like to do a remerge:

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Thanks @yaustar, what’s “Create a new sync point between the branch and the master” it’s that an action I need to do or just an explanation?

That’s an action where master is merged to the feature branch.

If you are running low on space, I can add more as checkpoints do take up a decent chunk of space.

Ah okay, I just realized I didn’t make a checkpoint of the feature branch (I left it untoggled). Is it alright if I merge master into feature without restoring the feature? Or is that a problem? So far, we’re looking good on space, but I appreciate it.

You would restore feature after the merge from master to feature.

This is to create a common checkpoint that both branches share.

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Looks to be working, thanks for the help! I followed those steps:

  1. Merge master into feature.
  2. Restore feature to checkpoint before previous merge.
  3. Restore master to checkpoint before problematic merge earlier today.
  4. Merge feature into master.
  5. Success!

This time I saw all the changes that were made on the feature. When I merged earlier today, for some reason I only saw a single small change I didn’t even remember making on the feature branch. All looks good now.

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Zach has something on his todo list remove the current head of a branch which would allow you to redo a merge without these steps.

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