[SOLVED] Editor and REST API return: ""Could not export"

while try “web download” in the editor, it returns could not export, calling rest api:
also returns same error.

I tried an earlier forked project, which worked before, still no luck.

so there is something wrong with you server??

it the same with this post(someone else posted):

sorry for posted twice, it’s kind of urgent, thanks @dave !
If I can not download my game and publish it within the next 6 hours, I am going to wait another 24 hours to do that…

is it relate to this change(since two Chinese team encountered this issue)?

I found I can rename Chinese filename now… it used to return 500

Apologies for the delay. Projects should publish and download correctly now.

Note, posting duplicates doesn’t help and just fills up the forum.


thanks dave!
Apologies for posting duplicates, just thought the other member didn’t describe the question clearly…

No problem, just better to keep the conversation related to one issue in one thread.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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