[SOLVED] Dynamic RigidBody problem with objects slipping through

Hello everyone.
I am writing here for the first time.
I would like to ask for your advice.

I have a problem with the collision and the collision of object A and object B.
・Attach collision and rigidbody to object A and B, respectively.
・Select mesh for the shape of the collider, and apply the mesh to the model.
・For the collider, select mesh and apply the mesh of the model.
・In this state, when A and B collide, they do not collide but slip through each other.

・The object AB is the one DL’d from the PLAYCANVAS asset store (DUCK in this case).
・The same symptom occurs not only in PLAYCANVAS asset store, but also in Unity asset store.
・The default PLAYCANVAS objects such as box and sphere do not slip through.

【I have tried】
・Attach collision and rigidbody to the entity with render → initial setting. The object slips through.
・Attach the collision and rigidbody to the parent entity → The object slips through.
・Attach ccd.js → The object slips through.

【Project URL】

I am wondering if I have misunderstood some settings?
If you could advise me 。。。。

I couldn’t figure out how to write the code, so I’m writing it here…


var Ccd = pc.createScript('ccd');

Ccd.attributes.add('motionThreshold', {
    type: 'number', 
    default: 1, 
    title: 'Motion Threshold', 
    description: 'Number of meters moved in one frame before CCD is enabled'

Ccd.attributes.add('sweptSphereRadius', {
    type: 'number', 
    default: 0.2, 
    title: 'Swept Sphere Radius', 
    description: 'This should be below the half extent of the collision volume. E.g For an object of dimensions 1 meter, try 0.2'

// initialize code called once per entity
Ccd.prototype.initialize = function() {
    var body; // Type btRigidBody

    body = this.entity.rigidbody.body;

    this.on('attr:motionThreshold', function(value, prev) {
        body = this.entity.rigidbody.body;
    this.on('attr:sweptSphereRadius', function(value, prev) {
        body = this.entity.rigidbody.body;

At the moment, dynamic mesh to dynamic mesh collision isn’t supported.

You will need to use primitives or compound primitives.

Oh! I see!
So it wasn’t supported!!!!!!

Primitives are things that PLAYCANVAS has from the beginning, such as cube and sphere, right?
Sorry for the rudimentary question!

Yes, they are the built in shapes