[SOLVED] Duplicates of the Ammo module

Im experiencing a problem, that when I keep going into my game T Virus, when I went in the game yesterday I started experiencing ammo glitches even though when I started the game I already did Import ammo. Im having the same problem today and this only happened yesterday but I think it only happens each day. Screenshot:

Editor: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Now I just imported ammo, hopefully It won’t happen tomorrow.

I went to see my other game, but I have no problem there with ammo. :confused: But It only happens on my game T Virus. Weird…

You have 3 copies of Ammo in your project:

Delete 2 of them.

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Ok thanks @will
but im not sure this will solve the case :confused: I had one ammo copy then just yesterday I had to do another.

Hi @Gabriel_Dobrzynski,

Why did you have to do a second copy of Ammo?

Im not sure :confused: I think it’s because I never had this before and I thought I already did ammo, I did. But if I pressed no (I did like 4 times) Then it wouldn’t go away. :thinking:

I just went to ammo.js not any other script in ammo just ammo.js and it’s super laggy for me. (all scripts in ammo is laggy) The problem I also think is because if you go to code editor, I don’t see any ammo.wasm.wasm?

(im dumb ammo.wasm.wasm isn’t a script)

You are not supposed to open Ammo library in the Editor - there is simply no need to do so. It will be used by engine. Their file sizes are large, so the Code Editor will naturally take long time to load them. However, I repeat, you don’t need to open them.

As for your issue with duplicate imports, it may happen when the server load is high. At those times the Editor may skip updating the assets list, so you won’t see changes. For example, if you delete an asset, but it would visually remain there. Or importing new ones, like with Ammo. If you notice this, simply refresh the browser and you should see the updated list.

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Ok thanks @LeXXik. What should I do though if it happens tomorrow again even if I refresh my browser?

The server load being high is not common and pretty rare, I would say. Even if it happens, it gets resolved and normalizes in a few minutes. There is nothing you can do about it, but simply wait a few mintues. The PlayCanvas team is monitoring the servers live, so it gets resolved quickly. No action from you needed.

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Thanks! I will remember that information. :smiley:

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This issue can happen when you have tab open and inactive for a long time. Eg overnight.

I recommend refreshing the tabs if they have been left open for a long while and inactive before starting work.

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This could be the problem, since I have a chromebook when I shut it down then it doesn’t shut down the whole computer and all the tabs it keeps it open.