[SOLVED] Drag and Drop problem

I’m working on Drag and Drop functionality of UI element and came across this - 2D UI: Element Drag and Drop demo
The project is working fine if I fork it but If I copy paste the entities to an empty project then there is a problem. Could you please help me find the issue?
This is the project - Drag Test
Thank you

Fixed it after Device pixel ratio is set to false in setting → rendering. Can I know the reason for this?

Hi @Kaverappa!

What is the problem?

I want to add same effect to my project so I copied the code and pasted but It didn’t work. It only worked when forking.

Below a similar project of @LeXXik, that seems to work fine with Device Pixel Ratio enabled.


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Thank you, It is working.
I have seen in few post that there is a problem with ElementDragHelper, was it fixed?

I’m not sure what is different in the project I shared. I guess something with the calculation of the screen position.