[SOLVED] Downloaded project don't work as it should in local environment

Hello, i have downladed my project and put it into my localhost directory, launched the index.html, and the scene is messed, camera in a different spot, object don’t spin and dom don’t show, and another object appear and fall down…why is that? maybe coz i have 3 scenes? (also if just 1 should show)

Please, show url which you use to open in browser.
if it has file:// - then you are not opening using local server, but directly as file, and that wont work as it will not load assets as expected due to browser security reasons.


Are you selecting the appropriate scenes you want to download?

i went into my project editor, publish label and selected download, chosed just 1 scene and pressed web download, downloaded it / unpacked into kallen3d directory and launched as told before (ps in the zip file there are also files that aren’t needed for the scene i selected)

All assets are downloaded when you download a project because we don’t know if you are loading them in script yourself, so that’s normal.

Is it possible to add me to your project so I can check? My username is vaios. Also which scene are you trying to download?

Added, scene is inventory, pretty simple but i need it for some test :smiley:

It seems to work for me. I am running a local server (https://www.npmjs.com/package/http-server) inside the extracted folder and it all works. Try running your server inside that folder instead of that other path you’re using.

ok will try again and let you know

here is my problem

Edit: ok found the problem, the permissions of the file, i had to set them to read for groups and others coz was just for user… linux is too strict :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah OK cool makes sense.

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