[SOLVED] Download project. But some asset are lacked

I finish alomost work my projects. So I download the games and upload my server. But some asset datas are not there, and games doesn't run normally. These lack asset belong some disabled entities. Those entities are disabled initial, but use after. I need them.

How can I download them ?

When you download your project from the Editor, all assets should be included in the zip file. If this is not the case for you can you share a link to the problematic project or add me to your team? (username: vaios)

@vaios Thank you. now i invite you my project.

Thanks, since the project is private I’m going to PM you from now on about this issue.

Turns out this was an issue with browser cache on the user’s machine so this is now resolved.

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Thank you so mach.
The issu would be caused from the browser’s cache.

Good to see that your problem is resolved. When you publish your games, post the links on the forum so we can play them! :smile:

Yes !
we will release them in end of this May.
Then I’ll publish thease projects.

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