[SOLVED] Doubt about findByName

Hello, i have a line that is this.entity.findByName(‘object’).enabled=true; that enables a model that is a child of the player entity. The script works well with an entity called pavese, but it doesn’t with entity pavese1. I have checked multiple times but i don’t find anything that is wrong. Any ideas? Player.js at line 2727.

If it were my code I’d be very suspicious that perhaps I had a typo in my object name where I had a lower case letter L in place of a 1. “l” vs “1” or somesuch given that the code is working for other named objects. Otherwise it would leave one to believe that you couldn’t have a numeral in the name for “item.obj” which doesn’t make sense. But you could check that by renaming some working object so that it has a numeral in the name. So that’s the best I can do - even if it is a kinda obvious thing to look for.

Thanks @wturber just found the problem, it was just a scale object problem. :stuck_out_tongue: sorry for taking your time and thanks again :slight_smile: