[SOLVED] Does PlayCanvas import .MTL files?

Today I am helping out a kid with his rpg


comment if you want and you can join if you want to, just tell me your playcanvas name and you are invited

question: does Playcanvas support .mtl files

No, PlayCanvas doesn’t support the import of .MTL files. .MTL files generally accompany .OBJ files, defining the material on the geometry. .OBJ files are actually really inefficient for storing 3D geometry. You’re better off sticking with FBX files, which embed material information (and texture data too if you export them with the ‘embed media’ option enabled in Max/Maya).

ok thx, I don’t exactly have maya or max but I am looking towards using blender because its free but I am going to use it when I buy myself a new PC. The 3d model software I have been using only has an export option of .obj files but I am not really familiar with FBX files.

I would encourage you to learn Blender, yes. For a free solution, it’s probably the best choice.

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does playcanvas support .blend files

Hi @Kevin_Herod,

No playcanvas supports FBX files. Thankfully blender exports to FBX :+1:


nice it also supports OBJ from testing i found that out